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Caregiver FAQs

Rhode Island medical marijuana patients are permitted to designate one personal Caregiver to grow or provide medicine for them.

On Januray 1, 2017, another category was created by The Department of Health: Authorized Purchaser. An Authorized Purchaser is someone that can legally obtain medicine from any of the three state licensed Compassion Centers and deliver the medicine to the patient. Patients can designate one person to be their Authorized Purchaser.

In this section we try to address all your questions regarding the Caregiver application process, fees, legal requirements and more.

Are there any age or legal requirements for Caregivers?
Caregivers must be 21+, must submit to a National Criminal Records Check and not have any convictions for any felony offenses. For additional information here is the State’s Medical Marijuana Act.  Click Here

Are there any residency requirements for Caregivers?
Caregivers must be Rhode Island residents. However, each town or municipality may have additional laws regarding growing medical marijuana. Please make sure to check with your local government office or contact the RI Department of Health.

How Do I apply to become a Caregiver?
A patient must appoint you as a Caregiver on their initial application, renewal forms or by contacting the RI Department of Health. Once you’ve been appointed by a patient you will be notified by the RI Department of Health. You will receive a Caregiver Card once you’ve been approved through their process.

What are the fees associated with becoming a Caregiver?
As of December 1, 2022, the Department of Health is no longer charging a license fee for caregivers.

How do I get assigned as a patient’s Caregiver?
A patient must designate you as a Caregiver on their application, renewal forms or by contacting the RI Department of Health.

How Long is a Caregiver License Good For?
As long as your patient’s license is good for, which is one year.

How Do I renew my Caregiver License?
The renewal application for both patient and caregiver will be EMAILED to the patient 60 days prior to the expiration of the registration.

How many patients can a Caregiver provide Medical Marijuana for?
Five (5) patients but only grow up to 24 plants.

How much medical marijuana can a caregiver have in their possession?
Primary caregivers, with a registry ID card, can possess up to twelve (12) marijuana plants and two and one-half (2.5) ounces of usable marijuana for each qualifying patient they are a primary caregiver for. However, a primary caregiver cannot have more than twenty-four (24) marijuana plants and five (5) ounces of usable marijuana no matter how many patients they serve.

Are there any laws regarding where Medical Marijuana is grown or stored?
Medical Marijuana grown by caregivers must be stored in an indoor facility. We also suggest that you check with your town.

How do I contact the Rhode Island Department of Health?
Call 401-222-3752 or for inquiries pertaining to caregivers, email DBR.CannabisSupport@dbr.ri.gov

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