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RI Budget and changes to MM Program

July 26, 2019
Dear Patients,

Rhode Island's Budget has been approved and is now into effect.

Many proposed changes DID NOT PASS.  The plant count is still the same for patients and caregivers, along with the possession limit of 2.5 oz staying the same.

Here are some of the changes:

  • CBD Retailers must apply for a CBD Retailer License of $500 per year.
  • MA and CT Physicians can no longer sign medical marijuana recommendations for RI patients.
  • Certified school nurse teachers are allowed to administer non-smokable and non-vaporized form of medical marijuana in a school setting to a qualified patient.
  • Beginning October 1, the Department of Business Regulation (DBR) will promulgate regulations and fees for issuing and renewing caregiver cards.
  • Increasing Compassion Centers from 3 to 9.
  • DBR is no longer accepting applications or renewals of Cooperative Cultivation's.
  • Not more than one card holder can grow marijuana in a dwelling unit or commercial unit except for: 2 or more patients and caregivers who are primary residents of the same dwelling unit where the plants are grown (24 mature, 24 immature is the limit).
  • DBR may promulgate regulations for the documentation and tracking of reimbursement and the transfer of medical marijuana between caregiver and patient.

Please see the attached budget Article 15:



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