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Cannabidiol (CBD) Tinctures are typically taken sublingually. Sublingual means situated or applied under the tongue. There are a lot of capillaries (tiny blood vessels) under our tongue. This means that the cannabinoids can be efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream without needing to go through the digestive system. CBD tinctures are to be taken in small doses, many times the tincture will be designed with a dropper that is incorporated with the container. For patients that do not want to take the Tincture sublingually, they have the option of administering the CBD in their food or drink. Just keep in mind the effects may take a bit longer because the oil is being swallowed and digested with the food/drink. Patients report effects within 15 minutes of intake and it is suggested to let the Tincture rest under the tongue for at least one minute.

Tinctures vary in size, potency, content etc. Please make sure the product you're interested in can provide legit consistent third party testing and lab results. 

We at Create Better Days,LLC strive to provide the best, highest quality of Hemp CBD Products to our consumers. We offer Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil. This means the CBD we carry contain all the cannabinoids a cannabis plant would have (CBD,THC,CBG,CBN Etc..) but contain no more than 0.3% THC and is derived from HEMP. With all the cannabinoids still present in the tincture, consumers can take advantage of the benefits without the added psychoactive effects also known as the "high".

 Potency levels of our products range from 68MG - 1500MG of Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. Check out Tincture products.

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