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Shop Online :CBD Hemp Edibles/ Consumables

Cannabidiol (CBD) Edibles are CBD infused products that are consumed orally. This way of intaking CBD is great if a patient is aware of their dose. These products are generally dosed per serving but, it is always good to read the label to make sure you're intaking the right amount of CBD. Patients report effects within 30-90 minutes with a duration of 4-6 hours average. (Depending on the patient)

Edibles are a great alternative if a consumer is looking to try something more discrete or even looking to mask the flavor of the hemp with something better. A few examples of edibles would be infused hard candies, gummy products, lollipops, drinks and chocolates. If you are someone interested in the edibles please note if you have any food sensitivities and/or allergies. These products typically contain more ingredients than others, such as milk, nuts and gluten. Please read the label carefully before purchasing. 

We at Create Better Days,LLC like to offer plenty of options for our consumers. We offer edibles/consumables that are isolated, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD. 

  • Isolated CBD products are made with CBD, there are NO other cannabinoids present.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD products are made with all cannabinoids found in hemp, BUT the THC.
  • Full Spectrum CBD products contain all cannabinoids, including no more than a 0.3% THC.

Our products doses range from 10MG - 80MG of CBD per serving. The serving usually means a single unit in a package, unless notated otherwise. We always suggest starting low and starting slow, but everyone is different and the dose for everyone will vary. 

For a full list of consumable edibles.... Check out our Online Store.

We offer edibles / consumables that are between 20MG-25MG CBD....

Anyone looking for the highest amount of CBD we carry might want to look into....

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