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Massachusetts Residents


B&B is happy to announce that we can now schedule Massachusetts residents with a Mass-based doctor to sign for their medical marijuana license. B&B will request records, the doctor will review the medical records, then B&B will schedule the appointment and, at that time, the doctor will enroll the patient in the Mass Medical Marijuana Program if the patient qualifies. Due to COVID-19, all appointments will be completed via phone calls. The fee for the inital appointment will be $145 and will be reduced to $135 for patients with SSI, SSDI or Veterans Disability. Renewals will be $100 flat fee.


**RI patients, if you know a MA resident who is looking to get their medical marijuana card, you can refer them to B&B. If the MA resident mentions you at their initial appointment, you’ll get $10 off your next appointment!**


Call 1-833-739-0607 or more details.