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September 20, 2019

Good news everyone!


B&B Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center (B&B Consulting, LLC) is offering its sixth, Seventh and Eighth Free Veterans’ Day.  What this means is that B&B is offering FREE Follow-ups, Initial and Renewal Appointments for our Veterans. We want to thank all of our courageous veterans again this year and give back to those who have given so much of themselves for our freedoms. B&B Consulting first started the Free Veterans’ Day three years ago in 2016.  Around that time, PTSD was recently added as the first mental medical condition qualified under the RI Medical Marijuana Program.  Many of our veterans are diagnosed with one or multiple chronic medical conditions that could range from Cancer to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). B&B Consulting, LLC designated three days just for our veterans. We are offering Monday November 11th, Tuesday November 12th and Friday November 13th, the hours are 10AM to 2PM on all days. The event will be held in our Pawtucket office, which is located at 126 Prospect Street #104 Pawtucket RI 02860.

To take advantage of this event, we ask our veterans to provide recent medical records. B&B Consulting, LLC does not treat or diagnose our patients. The physicians want to make sure that our patients have an outside physician who is treating them for the condition that our office will be approving the patient for. This is proven by providing or having medical records sent to the office. Our physicians require a minimum of six months’ worth of recent medical records/progress notes. The physicians will review records and when/if it is approved, we will move forward with scheduling the appointment. Having said that, the doors will be open for veterans who would like to walk-in too. It is strongly suggested to get in contact with the office to make sure all bases are covered. If for any reason the physicians feel the patient needs additional medical records to get approved, we will not be able to see this patient until his/her medical records are sufficient.

If everything is in order for the appointment, the service will be free for the veteran. We ask that the veteran provide valid RI Driver’s License or State Issued ID, please make sure the ID has the current address (RI Department of Health requires proof of residency). Make sure to also bring in proof of being in service, this can either be proven with a Department of Defense (DoD) Identification card, Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC), Veteran Identification Card (VIC), and/or providing your Driver’s License. The state of Rhode Island’s Driver’s License and State Identification card has an area that will showcase if the person is a veteran. Once the appointment is completed, the office will schedule a state mandatory six-month follow-up appointment. This appointment is required. We are the only licensed facility in the state and the Department of Health requires medical marijuana patients to keep and maintain a patient/physician relationship with their signing provider. This is defined as seeing our physician once every six months. The fee for the follow-up appointment is $50 and will be booked six months in advance. The patient will then leave with a signed approval for Medical Marijuana. After seeing our physician, the application needs to be mailed out to the Department of Health to be processed. The Department of Health requires a $50 or $25 check or money order to process an approval. The fee of the application process is reduced to $25 if the veterans receives either Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental, Veterans Disability and Medicaid. On average it takes the Department of Health about two to three weeks for them to process an approval for medical marijuana. Our veteran will receive an acceptance letter that will direct them to go to the Department of Health. At that point, their picture is taken, they receive their physical card and are then legal as a Rhode Island Medical Marijuana patient.

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