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Free VA Day July 24th 2020

June 24, 2020

Hello Everyone!


Every year B&B Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center DBA: B&B Consulting, LLC offered free appointments to the veterans two times a year on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. This year we are doing things a little different. This year we plan on offering FREE appointments to the veterans (FREE VA DAY) one day every other month. We feel with this change is for the better and allows veterans to complete their renewal or get into the program initially without worrying about the initial doctor’s visit/signing fee. On other days that do not fall on the FREE VA DAY, the doctor’s visit fee is originally $140 with proof of Veteran Benefits.

We are proud to announce our fourth one of the year! On Friday July 24th, 2020 between the hours of 10AM – 2PM, B&B Consulting, LLC will be offering free Renewal and Initial appointments to the veterans. On this day everyone is to be scheduled by appointment. We are not allowing walk-ins on this day (due to COVID-19). Appointments are only to be scheduled after medical records are received, reviewed and approved by one of our physicians.

How to get prepared for your appointment

  1. Find out if your condition is a qualifying condition in the State of Rhode Island. Check out this link -> RI Qualifying Conditions
  2. Make sure you have proof of Rhode Island Residency. This can be proven with Rhode Island Driver’s License, State ID, Vehicle Registration/Insurance, Voter’s Registration and/or any mail received from RI state correspondence with your current address.
  3. Recent Medical Records, there are a few ways to get these.
    1. Full out and sign a medical release form to obtain medical records from your doctor(s) office by either stopping in physically during operation hours OR signing a release form electronically (Medical Release Form). After the form is completed, patients have the option of either dropping off the release form to the office, emailing, faxing or even post mailing the form.
    2. Pick up a physical copy of medical records from your doctor and either bring them to B&B, post mail, email or fax the records over.
    3. Reach out to your doctor and see if they would be willing to send records (Many offices will require a medical release form to open communication).
  4. Once records are received, reviewed and approved. Our office will be in touch with the patient to schedule a date and time for their appointment (Initial or Renewal).
    1. If for any reason our doctor is looking for additional records, our staff will be in touch to let the patient know what medical documentation they would need in addition to what our doctor already received.

What happens at the appointment:

  1. Re-Review of recent medical records and a minimal physical exam issued by a licensed physician who is in good standing as required by the Rhode Island Department of Health.
  2. Approval Signature provided by our physician
  3. 6-month follow-up appointment is tentatively scheduled. The follow-up appointments are mandatory per The Department of Health [R21-28.6-MMP], Section 2.5(e). Therefore, if follow-up appointments are not kept, then we cannot renew your license when it expires.
    1. This appointment fee is $50 and can be moved around to accommodate the veterans schedule
  4. Educational information regarding Medical Marijuana Laws, Regulation, Benefits etc… will be given after the appointment is completed and this would be a perfect time to ask specific questions regarding the program or medical marijuana.
  5. The patient then leaves with the sign/approved application. It is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to mail the application to the Department of Health for processing.
    1. To process the approval, the state requires a check or money order for $50 or $25 (If patient is a recipient and has proof included of SSI, SSDI, Veteran’s Disability or Medicaid).

After mailing this approved application to the state with everything required included, patient will receive an acceptance letter from The Department of Health stating their application was received, the application has been processed and to head down to the Department of Health during designated hours to get a picture taken. After that the patient will receive their card right then and there.

Veterans are encouraged to call the office if they have questions, concerns or if they are interested to start the process of obtaining or renewing their medical marijuana license!

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